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The Center of Applied Learning (CAL) is a specialist provider of language programmes and Higher Education placement services based in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Our portfolio includes services related to placing students from around the world in German Universities which offer programmes delivered entirely or partly in English. Currently there are around 800 such courses in German universities.
This service is called: The Academic Placement Service (APS).

German Universities are renown for their high quality educational programmes and 13 of them are in the top 200 in the world so the degrees they award set students up for a great career start.

APS’s specialist team, comprising US, UK and German staff advises students on courses best suited to their needs, matching some of the best Universities in the world with students’ requirements. As well as attending to the academic suitability of courses, our team can manage all aspects of the transition from your home country to Europe. Amongst the services we can provide are flight arrangements, local accommodation and an on-going support and advice network.

One of the most significant parts of APS’s complete placement package is the German language course which we offer to all incoming prospective undergraduates. Since German Universities require their students to be able to function in the German language, we ensure that the path is free of obstacles by offering a very high quality, communicative German language programme, starting at beginner level and reaching the necessary band needed for entry into the German Higher Education system.

Our language teaching team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of language training and will deliver the best that 21st century language study can offer – an intensive German language course which will enable students to function in all aspects of daily life in Germany. This opportunity to learn a foreign language in-country, is of course something that remains with students for the rest of their lives!

Studying in the heart of Europe is a fabulous opportunity for young Americans to broaden their outlook, experience life in another culture, learn a new language, make friends from other parts of the world and to gain a prestigious degree whilst having the details managed by a reliable and knowledgeable partner and all for a cost which is a fraction of US University fees!

We at CAL are dedicated to providing the very best of Language Education Services. Please contact our Educational Advisor, Peter Cole, for more information:
+49 1726 771823

APS Package Fees Bronze Silver Gold
pre-arrival info pack (culture, food, customs etc)
pre-arrival introductory 3 month, blended German language course
in-country, 3 month German language course
German language dictionary and CAL phrase book
European style academic writing course
European style academic writing and culture course & ongoing support1
University selection and application assistance
Temp2. Accommodation assistance
Perm3. Accommodation assistance
Written translation services for 12 months
Return flights4 arrangement and arrival pick up service
Visa assistance
Emergency assistance5
Local services assistance (setting up bank account etc)
€6,000 €7,500 €9,000
  1. First academic year
  2. For the duration of the German Language programme
  3. For the duration of the Degree programme
  4. Initial and final flight only
  5. In the event of an accident, the APS staff will be available to assist you with medical organization and translations.


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