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The Center of Applied Learning (CAL) is a specialist provider of English language programmes, courses and seminars based in Wiesbaden, Germany.

ESP Courses

Our portfolio includes an extensive coverage of Legal English both for International Law and English Law. Programmes are delivered by teachers who we select and who are ‘double qualified’, i.e. to work with CAL, they must be teachers trained to British Council requirements but they must also have studied law to degree level. These instructors are kept up to date both in legal changes and the latest teaching and learning approaches so you can be sure that you will be getting the best available in legal English tuition.

CAL recommends only one option for Legal English intensive courses; only one because we believe that General English can be delivered over many months at low frequency, whereas English for Specific Purposes (ESP) such as Legal English brings most benefit when the programmes are delivered intensively and with as few interruptions as possible.

We recommend a 2 or 3 day intensive course during which time tutor and ‘client’ live in the same hotel working together for 6 hours per day. These intensive programmes are always tailor-made and follow the exact needs of the clients (whether one-to-one or small groups) expressed through a pre-course needs analysis as well as a short interview to most accurately assess the clients’ language levels.

It should be pointed out that ESP courses are not only focused on the subject area (in this case, Legal English) but always comprise a degree of natural, authentic English language training for specific use with other professionals. Our clients know that they will be using English in a variety of contexts even if the main thrust might be, for example, Legal or Medical. They need to meet colleagues socially and in conference situations, sometimes arrange meetings and organise travel etc. We aim to get the balance exactly right so that at the end of the 2 or 3 day programme, clients feel more confident and better able to cope with the challenges of functioning professionally in English.

All our ESP programmes include 3x20 minutes of follow-up Skype meetings with the tutor.

Naturally, there are many other areas which can be studied and the selection will be determined by the clients’ needs and the tutor’s assessments.

We at CAL are dedicated to providing the very best of Language Education Services. Please contact our Educational Advisor, Peter Cole, for more information:
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