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Mission Statement

The Center of Applied Learning (CAL) is a commercial language and teacher-training institute situated in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Its aims are to provide very high-quality language education and teacher-training to a broad and divers type of clientele as well as offering access to cultural activities and programmes for all age groups.

While a language school of any type needs to generate income and show a healthy balance, the traditional conflict between education and commerce must be resolved and so, CAL aims to put quality of education before profit while still remaining viable financially.

CAL will endeavour to provide and deliver 2nd language learning courses engaging with the very best and latest in Second Language Acquisition methodology. Such courses will be offered to all sectors of society and wherever possible charitable organisations, welfare receivers and others in need will be offered scholarship places thus providing an additional service to the local community.

CAL will also serve the business community by offering top-quality, tailor-made courses which focus on the language of business. In time, CAL will develop courses for other specific purposes, medicine, law, finance, aviation and so on.

CAL will offer English language camps and sport camps for young learners at certain times of the year. These camps will support and enhance the 2nd language learning the participants are undertaking at their regular schools.

CAL will engage with EU funding projects to be able to offer meaningful and relevant language teacher development courses throughout the region and beyond.

CAL will create and deliver innovative Language Teacher-Training programmes which will exceed the current industry standards by a wide margin. The same principles of quality over finance will remain.

CAL will offer a variety of English language cultural courses and events largely influenced by theatre practices; these courses will have specific, self-contained aims and will be available for all age groups and all sectors of our student body.

CAL will also support local artists, poets and musicians by offering the CAL space, from time to time, for use as a gallery or acoustic performance area.

CAL will create a programme of competitive, language-based events for local school children to raise awareness and support motivation to learn another language.


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