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Amongst the Center of Applied Learning services is the CAL Network which provides qualified, freelance language teachers for our many clients in the business, legal and medical fields.

CAL puts quality at the top of its priority list and only retains teachers who are qualified to at least the international industry standard; references and qualifications are always checked and in addition, teachers working with CAL agree to engage with our continuing professional development programme so that they’re always ahead in their field.

Advantages for our clients are numerous but chief amongst them is the guarantee that teachers working with them will be properly qualified, fully supported and highly professional. In addition, CAL performs a thorough needs analysis with clients before courses begin so that we can be sure that what teachers cover during the programme is relevant, needed and desirable.

CAL monitors teaching materials to ensure that they’re appropriate for clients and will, where required, provide materials for teachers.

Whether teaching one to one or small groups, our language teachers will apply the most informed and very best approaches in a responsive and efficient way so that learning is maximised.

Professionalism is important to us – in the way we deal with clients, the way teachers deal with clients and in the relationship between CAL and its teachers.

We hope you agree that this is an exciting project and that you will join our exclusive clientèle to experience the best in language training.

for more information about CAL teachers in your area and how we can help you manage your language learning needs.
Peter Cole (Managing Director)


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