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Remote Teacher Observation

RTO is a process which was created by CAL to serve the needs of schools, institutions and teachers around the world who may not have access to regular, high-quality observation for language teachers.

Because teachers work largely in a void they can often benefit from a series of skilled observations followed by generative feedback designed to support and encourage their professional progress.

Unfortunately teachers sometimes feel they are being observed as an ‘error spotting’ exercise and needless to say, that must have a negative impact on their performance. Very often, feedback too is a series of do’s and don’ts rather than a dialogue between two professionals. At CAL we specialise in helping teachers develop through positive, constructive and collaborative feedback.

How it Works

The system, developed by us, uses at least two observation points to monitor both students and teacher since we know that there are times when a teacher acts in a certain way as a direct response to something a student has said or done; it’s important to be able to see both the teacher and the students to gauge best how to help that teacher.

We supply a package which can comprise software and hardware or almost nothing at all depending on what the client needs. This means if you have good quality webcams and a laptop, all you’ll need is the software to start using RTO! If you need hardware, we can supply some or all of it.

Next, we supply instructions on how to position the cams, how much to record and what to do when you’ve recorded a session. We’ll provide you with an upload point from where our trainers can access the recording. We’ll then study the session and offer feedback in either written form or video/Skype or both.

We recommend that teachers have regular RTO sessions, perhaps once every 400 hours or so for full time teachers to ensure that we can help them maintain their developmental progress.

Schools and institutions which use RTO will receive CAL/RTO posters so that using RTO can be seen as a positive marketing device as well as a great teacher support programme. While teachers who use RTO on a regular basis will receive written progress reports as well as Certification that they are undertaking a Continuous Professional Development programme with us.

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