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Language Teacher Development Workshops

Within the CAL portfolio and one of its main reasons for existence is a strong desire to help language teachers help their students.

We know how difficult it is to teach language, especially to large groups of unmotivated students – we know because we've done it! We have many years of experience in training teachers and equally many years delivering innovative and engaging Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and workshops around the world. We offer a menu of CPD workshops which can be delivered to groups in our own institute (up to 45 teachers) or at teachers’ own locations (up to 150 teachers).

We can also design workshops according to the wishes of a particular group, so if there’s something you need and it’s not here, drop us an email and we’ll create a workshop on demand; 3 hours being half a day.

Here are some of the topics we offer:

Teaching pronunciation silently (3 hrs)

Based on Silent Way principles, this workshop gives participants a collection of techniques to improve their ability to teach pronunciation effectively.

The brain in language learning (3 hrs)

An amusing and informative view of how the brain does and doesn't work when learning language (and other things). Based on the Triune Theory.

Informed eclecticism
(3 hrs)

To be eclectic, teachers need to know what to choose from. This workshop offers an overview of some significant approaches and guides teachers towards implementing certain techniques in their current teaching.

Effective ‘correction’
(3 hrs)

A long-standing debate in academia and amongst practitioners: should we, shouldn’t we? While this session does not conclusively answer that debate, it does present techniques which can be shown to be efficient and effective.

Social Constructivism (SC) in language learning (6 hrs)

Arguably a way forward in ELT, this workshop offers an overview of SC and suggests ways in which teachers can introduce aspects into their classrooms.

Materials Exploitation and Teacher Creativity (3 hrs)

Busy teachers can’t be expected to do everything can they? Many use the internet to take the strain but we would love to show you how easy it is to create multiple, efficient ways to use materials from course books and elsewhere internet whilst also developing your own creativity.

CLIL – finding the balance (6hrs)

One of the buzz words in ELT, CLIL is still much misunderstood. This session clarifies what it is, how it works (and why it may not) and offers guiding principles to both content and language teachers. A parallel workshop can be offered to students and / or parents.

Research and Practice (3 hrs)

A workshop looking at the relationship between what we know and what we do in the classroom. Seminal research in Applied Linguistics is presented in a light-hearted way and related to our approach as teachers of language.

The Cuisenaire Rods
(3 hrs)

Much underestimated, these little pieces of wood can be used to teach almost any language point. I have been using them consistently for over 30 years and this workshop gives participants the opportunity to begin the process of creating student-centered lessons using the Rods.

Body Language for Teachers (6 hrs)

How aware are you of the impressions you give through your own body language? How good are you at reading your students’ body language? This workshop will introduce the essence of body language control and identification. Teachers can leave with a better understanding of their own and others’ non-verbal communications.

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